Maintenance Free Frame Finishing Instructions

Frame Finishing Instructions

Our maintenance-free SolarShield material does not require painting or staining.


If you choose to paint this frame

1. For increased paint adhesion use adhesion promoting primer made for use with polypropylene. Available from Western Reflections in spray cans; use part number 17061000.

2. Finish with an exterior grade acrylic latex paint. CAUTION - Apply paint in a well-ventilated area and follow all paint manufacturer's cautions, warnings and instructions.



Equivalent Primers

Other acceptable primers available through national distributors are:

PPG SXA 1050 plastic adhesion promoter
BASF R-M AM 865 plastic adhesion promoter
Sherwin Williams UPO 7226 Automotive Finishes Adhesion Promoter - clear plastic adhesion promoter

Maintenance Free Frames

Standard SolarShield White

Evolve SolarShield White

Craftsman SolarShield White

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