PVC Frame Finishing Instructions

Frame Finishing Instructions

Paint within 45 days of installation using only an exterior grade, light color acrylic latex paint. An exterior grade finish coat or sealer must be applied if stained.



Painting this frame a dark color and/or installing behind a storm door can cause heat damage not covered by the warranty.



Surface Preparation

The frame should be free of any dust or debris. Wipe with mineral spirits, naphtha, or ammonia. The frame should be dry and acclimated to room temperature before applying paint or stain. No further surface preparation is necessary for finishing.


Exterior acrylic latex paints are recommended. Apply thin coats, allowing paint to dry between coats for the desired coverage and finish. Follow paint manufacturer’s instructions for painting plastic materials.


Heavy body or high pigment exterior gel stains perform best.

A 2-Step Staining process is recommended for the most desirable level of adhesion.

Step 1: Using foam brush, saturate frame surface with stain and allow coating to rest or soak for five minutes.

Step 2: Apply the stain to the frame. Work the stain into the graining of the frame with a brush, sponge or cloth. Wipe the excess stain for the desired finish. Stain manufacturer’s instructions may differ or provide additional information. Please follow their instructions.

Top Coating

After stain is dried apply topcoat for protection. With paint or stain manufacturer’s recommendation, apply a clear top coat to protect the finish.

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