White Papers

At Western Reflections, our associates, designers, and engineers dedicate their talents and fresh ideas to providing exceptional customer service and innovative, quality products.

These white papers provide an in-depth look at specific Western Reflections products and the benefits they provide contractors and homeowners.

Complementing Architectural Home Styles with Simulated Divided Lite and Grilles Between Glass in Doors

Doorglass applied with divided light complements modern and historic architectural styles by drawing on the same visual language as traditional divided light windows.

This white paper describes a variety of popular home styles—including Cape Cod, Tudor, Craftsman, Prairie, and Modern Farmhouse—and the key role that divided light plays in each. Share this white paper with your customers to show them how Western Reflections doorglass applied with Simulated Divided Lite and Grilles Between Glass enhances the architectural style of most homes, while providing easy maintenance.

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