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ODL Brisa Retractable Screen Doors FAQs

How do Brisa Retractable Screen Doors work?

Brisa Retractable Screen Doors are installed over an entryway so the entry door can be opened and fresh air can circulate through the retractable screen into the home. The screen is contained in a housing on the vertical side of the screen door and can be pulled side-to-side across the entryway when needed or retracted into the housing when the screen is not in use.

Do I need a professional installer?

No. ODL's Brisa Retractable Screen Door is designed with the "do-it-yourself" consumer in mind. Learn more about the easy installation process.

What is the range of door sizes that Brisa Retractable Screen Doors fit?

Brisa fits door widths from 32" to 36" without cutting. Doors less than 32" wide will require two simple cuts with a hacksaw.

Can I order Brisa Retractable Screen Doors in custom sizes?

Custom sizes are not available. Brisa is offered in a variety of heights (standard, short, tall, slider height), colors (white, bronze, sandstone), and applications (single door, French door/double door, sliding patio door) that will fit the majority of installations.

How do I determine which way (top/bottom, left/right) I should install my Brisa Retractable Screen Door?

Brisa is a universal, face-mounted doorframe/brick mold installation that can be used for left hand or right hand applications based on which direction the screen operates. Top or bottom orientation of the screen door is determined once the handing is selected. See the installation instructions for more information.

Can Brisa Retractable Screen Doors be installed on stucco homes without a wood doorframe?

No, Brisa is a face-mount installation that requires a doorframe/brick mold for proper attachment.

Should I install Brisa on the inside or outside of my home?

Installation on either the inside or outside of the home is possible and is dictated by the orientation of the entry door installation (in-swing or outswing). See the installation guide for specific instructions.

Can I paint the housings or tracks?

No, painting is not recommended. The finish is a proprietary powder coat on aluminum that is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Any alterations to the original finish could void the warranty.

Is maintenance required on my Brisa Retractable Screen Door?

Dirt and debris should be vacuumed out of the tracks periodically. Do not use oily lubricants (like WD40) on the track as these tend to attract dirt, which can hinder the operation. If needed, occasional use of a silicone-based lubricant is acceptable.

Is there ever a time that I should not operate the screen?

Yes, you should not operate your screen during freezing temperatures.

How high is the track?

Once the sill plate is installed, the track is 7/8" high.

What if my door screen retracts slowly or doesn't deploy at all?

There could be various reasons for slow retraction or no deployment of the screen. Be sure to clean dirt and debris out of the track. Also, look for nicks or bends in the track itself. Examine the weather stripping (the black pile material in the track) for displacements or rips that prevent the screen from operating smoothly. Check to make sure the bottom end of the slider bar is fully seated in the track. If you still are experiencing difficulty, contact Western Reflections Customer Service at 800.507.8302 for assistance or replacement parts.

Someone walked through my screen and now it does not function properly. What should I do?

If the screen is frayed, has holes, or the fabric is creased, please call Western Reflections Customer Service at 800.507.8302 to learn more about how to order a replacement screen. If the track is bent, it can be replaced as well.

What is the warranty and how do I make a claim?

All components are covered under a lifetime warranty except for the screen mesh, which has a limited lifetime warranty. Review the full warranty or call Western Reflections Customer Service at 800.507.8302 for details. Any claims should be submitted in writing via e-mail or can be mailed to:

ODL, Inc.
Attn: Warranty Claims
215 East Roosevelt
Zeeland, MI 49464

Where can I purchase Brisa?

Find out where to buy the ODL Brisa Retractable Screen Door or call Western Reflections Customer Service at 800.507.8302 for a store near you.

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ODL Brisa Retractable Screen Doors

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