ODL Add-on Blinds for Doors FAQs

ODL Add-on Blinds for Doors FAQs
Western Reflections is a subsidiary of ODL, Inc., and we're pleased to offer ODL Add-on Blinds for Doors to our customers.

What happens if I get condensation on my door glass after installing ODL Add-on Blinds for Doors?

Interior condensation is caused by excess humidity in your home. ODL Add-on Blinds for Doors do not cause condensation, but are a good indicator of humidity levels that are too high. The following is a quick guide to appropriate humidity levels:

Maximum recommended humidity levels
(based on inside home temperature of 70°F)

Outside temperature °F Inside humidity
20°F to 40°F Not over 40%
10°F to 20°F Not over 30%
0°F to 10°F Not over 25%
-20°F to 0°F Not over 20%
Below -20°F Not over 15%


ODL Add-on Blinds for Doors only: If your door glass has interior condensation, you may remove the filler strips on each side of the frame to facilitate air circulation. Alternatively, you might choose to reduce the humidity level in your home (by, for example, reducing or eliminating humidifiers). Condensation does not indicate a defect in an enclosed door glass treatment unit and will not damage it.

Are ODL Add-on Blinds for Doors easy to install?

Yes. These blinds are designed for quick and easy installation. Visit the installation page for more information.

How can I clean the glass on my ODL Add-on Blinds for Doors?

You may want to take the treatment down once a year to clean the glass; simply unlatch the clips (pivot outwards) to remove.

How do I select the correct size for ODL Add-on Blinds for Doors?

Measure the outside glass frame dimensions on your steel or fiberglass door and select the correct size using our raised frame door or flush frame door guidelines.

Where can I purchase ODL Add-on Blinds for Doors?

Find out where to buy ODL Add-on Blinds for Doors, or call Western Reflections toll-free at 800.507.8302 for a store near you.

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ODL Add-On Blinds for Doors

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