Severe Weather Doorglass

SWicon Western Reflections severe weather glass is designed for hurricane-rated doors, especially for homes in hurricane or high wind zones. Our laminated severe weather door lites are certified to meet Florida building codes and wind-borne requirements, and DP±66 wind and missile impact code requirements.

Choose from decorative, clear, and blinds-between-glass options to suit your style and functional needs. Each is designed to provide protection from damaging wind and water infiltration and eliminate the need for hurricane shutters.

Severe weather glass (or 'hurricane glass') also reduces sound infiltration. Sound Transmission Class (STC) testing shows that laminated glass provides up to 30% more suppression of outside noise than standard doorglass, when used in a properly fitted and installed door system.


Use the Western Reflections Doorglass Selector to browse through severe weather doorglass designs.

Laurel glass design
Full doorlite LRL-2264-H
Full sidelites LRL-0764-H
Clear Doorglass
Full doorlite CLEAR-2264-1L-H
Enclosed Blinds
Full doorlites RLB-2264-1L-H

Frame Profile

With its flat profile frame, our sturdy aluminum extrusion adds strength while maintaining a low profile. The flat profile appeals to a wider range of architectural applications, while the white powder coat surface provides a polished finish.



Missile Testing

Severe weather doorglass is subjected to rigorous testing. The missile impact test fires a 9 pound 2"x4" at 50 feet per second at designated spots. The door must remain intact through 9,000 pressure cycles and also pass water infiltration, structural loading, and forced air infiltration tests. Western Reflections severe weather doorglass also meets Department of Defense minimum anti-terrorist blasts standards.


Turtle Glass

BigTurtleIcon Thousands of marine turtles nest in U.S. coastal areas, and state and local ordinances protect hatchling turtles by limiting the brightness of inside-to-outside visible light transmittance. Western Reflections' severe weather/impact product line includes tinted gray glass that meets these code requirements.