Privacy (Opacity)

Western Reflections offers doorglass privacy ratings from 1 to 9 to meet your privacy needs.

Privacy (or opacity) ratings for doorglass allow you to choose the level of privacy you prefer. Glass textures are the major factor affecting opacity. Each glass texture has a different opacity level, with the combination of textures in each doorglass design also affecting the privacy rating.

Choose a low privacy rating of 1 or 2 for the most visibility. For the most privacy, choose doorglass with a privacy rating of 8 or 9, which allows you to see colors and shadows through the glass, but won’t allow anyone outside to distinguish objects or people inside.


Use the Western Reflections Doorglass Selector to browse through designs based on privacy ratings.


Privacy Rating = 1

Clear Opaque

Privacy Rating = 5

Clear Opaque

Privacy Rating = 9

Clear Opaque