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Energy Efficiency

Low-E Energy efficiency is an important factor to consider when selecting doorglass, and Western Reflections offers a wide range of energy efficient doorglass to meet your needs. Triple-pane decorative glass has two air spaces around the decorative panel. Low-E energy efficient glass is available in clear glass, external and internal grilles, and blinds. Our triple-pane-insulated Harmony™ doorlite blinds, between either clear or Low-E glass, offer exceptional energy efficiency while allowing you to control solar heat gain.

ENERGY STAR stakeholder Our doorglass can be used with certified doors to meet ENERGY STAR® performance criteria. Western Reflections is proud to be an ENERGY STAR stakeholder.

Use the Western Reflections Doorglass Selector to browse through designs based on energy efficiency.

Western Reflections energy efficient door glass - Low-E glass in Winter
In winter, Low-E glass reduces heat loss to the outside and allows solar energy to pass inside.
Western Reflections energy efficient door glass - Low-E glass in Summer
In summer, Low-E glass is a proven energy saver, reducing air conditioning costs by reducing solar heat gain.

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