Doorglass Collections

Every home has its own style, so Western Reflections offers a range of doorglass styles that express the design sensibilities of a homeowner and complements the architecture of a home.

Each collection provides many options to enhance a homeowner's entryway and add curb appeal. Choose from our: Ancestry Collection, Craftsman Collection, Modern Collection, Traditional Collection, Opticks Privacy Collection, Dialogue Layered Glass® Collection, Spotlights® Doorglass Collection, and our Everyday Collection


Use the Western Reflections Doorglass Selector to browse through designs based on doorglass collection.


Ancestry decorative doorglass connects the past to the present, bringing together European and Mediterranean motifs with today's technologies. Wrought iron finishes and elegant scrolling add old world charm to a homes entryway.


Davidson glass design
3/4 view doorlites DVS-2248


Handicraft and simplicity of form define our Craftsman doorglass. Ordered patterns and harmonious balance characterize doorglass designs that heighten the curb appeal of a home.

Leighton glass design
Full doorlites LEI-2264


From a simple silkscreen design to a rich mix of glass textures accented by metal caming, our Modern decorative doorglass complements a range of architectural styles and keeps a home's entryway up to date.

Elan glass design
Full doorlite ELN-2264
Full sidelites ELN-0764
Transom ELN-Ellipse


Elegance and charm never go out of style. Our Traditional doorglass captures timeless decorative elements such as beveled clusters, floral motifs, and a blend of glass textures and hues that add warmth and enduring value to a home's entryway.

Windsor glass design
Full doorlite WSR-2264
Full sidelites WSR-0764
Transom WSR-Rectangle


Opticks textured glass is a great option to meet both light and privacy needs. Nine textures run the gamut from nature-inspired, tranquil textures to contemporary textures that are both dramatic and subtle. Common among all nine Opticks doorglass patterns is the beautiful way light refracts and diffuses off the textures.

Vapor glass design
Full doorlite VPR-2264

Dialogue Layered Glass®

Patterns come to life, shapes are revealed, and shadows dance as light and movement engage in a dialogue with the glass. Dialogue Layered Glass creates dynamic privacy that changes, just as the doorglass patterns do, with light and proximity.

Repartee glass design
Full doorlite RPE-2264


Trends come and go. Good design lasts. As do good memories. Of homes you grew up in. Of architectural styles you've admired. Spotlights® doorglass, from Western Reflections, celebrates the best of your design history.

Spotlights® glass design
Morelite Rectangle doorlites FSB-555-4L


Form and function are the common denominators among our Everyday Collection of craftsman doorlites, clear doorlites, internal blinds, grilles between glass, ventlites, and retractable screens. Homeowners are sure to find the style, finish, and function needed for their entry, side, porch, and patio doors.

Baroque & Simulated Divided Lites (SDLs) glass design
3/4 view doorlite SDL-2248-4L-BQ