Doorglass Overview

Doorglass adds natural light, enhances your view, and expresses your personal style. Western Reflections has all the doorlite options to beautifully fit your home and your lifestyle while adding curb appeal.


Use the Western Reflections Doorglass Selector to browse through designs based on doorglass type.


Decorative Doorglass

Your front entry door is the focal point of your home. Beautiful Western Reflections decorative doorglass can enhance first impressions, complement your home's architecture, and set your home apart from the rest.


Opticks Privacy Doorglass

Simple yet sophisticated. Interesting textures protect your privacy while adding beauty of glass to your entry.


Dialogue Layered Glass®

Patterns come to life, shapes are revealed, and shadows dance as light and movement engage in a dialogue with the glass. Dialogue Layered Glass creates dynamic privacy that changes, just as the doorglass patterns do, with light and proximity.


Spotlights® Doorglass

Doorlites designed for the architectural enthusiast. The Spotlights® collection combines minimalist modern frames with shapes and inserts that complement house architecture from the 1920s to today. With five shapes, five insert options, and your imagination, the possibilities are staggering. And our FiberMate® frame material and compression foam-tape seal make Spotlights® a spot-on winner.


Clear Doorglass

Our clear glass collection includes simulated divided lites (SDLs), grilles-between-glass, external grilles, privacy glass, and ventlites. Find the doorglass with the right combination of architectural style and functionality to meet your needs.


Enclosed Blinds

Our dust-free doorglass blinds-between-the-glass let you easily control privacy and light. Adjust from full light and visibility to complete privacy or anywhere in between, with fingertip control.


Severe Weather

Western Reflections offers a wide range of doorglass rated for severe weather, for those living in high-velocity wind zones. Our severe weather door lites are certified to meet Florida building codes and windborne debris protection requirements. Decorative, clear, and blinds-between-glass options mean there's no need to sacrifice natural light or style to have protection from severe weather.


Craftsman Doorglass

The Craftsman collection offers a unique group of decorative and clear-glass doorlites specifically designed for the Craftsman-style home. Whether you have a Craftsman, cottage, bungalow, or prairie style home—or simply love the look of Craftsman doorglass—there is a Craftsman doorglass design for you.