Blinds Between Glass Product Technical Information

Western Reflections blinds between glass are built to the manufacturer's specified sizes and are ideal for vinyl, wood, and fiberglass french and sliding glass patio doors. All door blinds have the following specifications.




Operator track location

  • 0.655" clearance from edge of IG

Seal certification

  • ASTM 2190


  • Intercept®


  • Tempered safety glass
  • NFRC certifiable
  • Clear glass and Low-E glass options


  • 12.5 mm aluminum
  • UV protected


  • 1" overall thickness
  • 3/4" airspace
  • Air filled, with capillary tubes
  • Desiccant
IG thickness 1"
Height range 38" to 80"
Width range 14" to 36"
Size increments 1/16" (height & width)
Spacer Intercept®, tin plated steel
Glass (standard) 1/8" tempered safety glass
Glass (Low-E) 1/8" tempered safety glass
2nd surface soft coat Low-E
4th surface hard coat Low-E (optional)
Blind slat 12.5 mm wide aluminum
UV stabilized coating
Sealant Dual seal equivalent
Desiccant Desiccant matrix (moisture and chemical management)
Decorative cover caps UV stabilized, heat tolerant polymer
Code compliance
IGCC (seal) ASTM E2190 seal certification
ANSI (glass) ANSI Z97.1 safety glazing
ASTM (glass) ASTM C1036 & C1048 tempered
ENERGY STAR® Can use in certifiable doors to meet ENERGY STAR® criteria
NFRC Reference Certified Product Directory for sliding door examples
Dual operator Raise/lower and tilt
Capillary tube Do not block, crush, or cut
Blind slat White (Duracron UC76584)
Operator White
Operator track White
Decorative cover caps White (Duracron UC76584)
Sealant Gray
Clean glass with quality window cleaner as needed
The warranty begins on the date of purchase by our customer and extends for 10 years on operation of the blind, insulated glass seal, and the external control mechanism attached to the glass. Download the full warranty details.

Expected Value Ratings

Overall ratings are calculated based on the manufacturer's sliding patio door with Western Reflections blinds between glass. The chart below shows average values. Your rating could be different depending on door construction.


Glass type Clear Low-E
U-factor 0.49 0.35
SHGC 0.65 0.31
Visual transmission 0.68 0.58

Sliding Patio Door Handing




Blinds between glass are typically handed so that the operators are located opposite the patio door handle, on the operating sash and opposite the center mull on the fixed sash.

Some manufacturers use both a right and left-handed blinds between glass with the operators positioned at each end of the door.