Blinds Between Glass Product Features



Western Reflections blinds between glass provide instant control of light, privacy, and heat transfer for french and sliding patio doors. Ease of use includes industry-leading reduced travel operation for raise, lower, tilt, privacy, and light control functions.

Control of Light and Privacy

Controls home environment

  • Provide multiple levels of privacy for french, sliding patio, and other glass doors
  • Regulate light and UV rays
  • Suppress sound transmission

Energy Efficient Insulated Glass (IG)

Improves energy savings of glass doors

  • Reduces solar heat gain
  • Dual pane insulationn
  • Low-E glass available
  • ENERGY STAR® certifiable

Easy Operation

Easy-to-operate built-in blinds

  • Fingertip adjustment
  • Slide controllers raise, lower, and tilt blinds
  • No reaching or stooping to adjust blinds

No Dusting

Simplifies maintenance

  • No dusting needed—enclosed blinds
  • No tangled cords
  • Decreases allergens

Safe for Children and Pets

Promotes safety

  • Tempered safety glass with enclosed blinds
  • Concealed cords
  • Safe for children and pets


Built-to-last enclosed blinds for french and sliding glass patio doors

  • No crimping or denting of blind slats
  • Non-fading aluminum slats
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • ASTM E2190 certified