Blinds Between Glass Product and Program FAQs

Does the blinds between glass insulating glass (IG) require any special handling?

a. The IG for the raise/lower blind must be stored in the supplied packaging or on its side (operator side down). The deflection of the glass may temporarily disrupt the service of the blind if stored flat.

b. Installation should be done in the upright position to reduce the acclimation time required for the IG.



How do changes in atmospheric pressure affect the function of the blinds between glass?

Insulated glass can expand and/or contract when it is subjected to changes in atmospheric pressure, such as when it is shipped over mountains. The blinds between glass product uses a capillary tube that allows the insulated glass to adjust to variations in air pressure without allowing water vapor to enter the IG. The glass will require some time to acclimate to the change, but then it will function normally.

How much time does the unit require to acclimate after installation?

Up to 24 hours. Do not operate the blind until it has acclimated.

Can blinds between glass be gas-filled?

No. Because the operation of the blind requires that the IG adjust to differences in atmospheric pressure, blinds between glass include a capillary tube that precludes a gas fill.

What is the size range available in blinds between glass?

a. 1" IG thickness, which consists of two panes of 3 mm glass and a 3/4" air space. Most 3/4" patio door extrusions can accommodate a 1" IG if the glazing bead is moved.

b. IG panel height and width—any size within the following parameters:
Minimum width = 14"
Maximum width = 36"
Minimum height = 38"
Maximum height = 80"

What is the blind material and slat width?

Blind slats are aluminum and 12.5 mm wide.

Are the IG panels handed?

Yes, both left-handed and right-handed panels are available.

What are the minimum quantities and minimum order sizes?

The Blinds Between Glass (BBG) Program is available in four different volume/price tiers to accommodate manufacturers' requirements:

  • Min/One only requires an order of one. This unit can be Clear or Low-E.
  • Tier 1 requires a minimum order of only 10 panels, enough to build five doors. The 10 panels must be either all left-handed or all right-handed. Mixes of handedness are not available at this volume level.
  • Tier 2 requires a minimum order of 40 panels in order quantities of 20. Handing can be mixed by 20, i.e. 20 left, 20 right.
  • Tier 3 requires 80 panels per size per quarter. A forecast and supply agreement are required.

Are blinds between glass products NFRC certified?

As a component of the door, the blinds between glass unit cannot be NFRC certified on its own. However, blinds between glass are NFRC-certifiable, meaning a compliant door with blinds between glass IGs can be NFRC certified. NFRC certification is the responsibility of the door manufacturer.

What type of magnet is used for operation of the blind?

Rare earth magnets are required for operation because of the large glass panel size. Rare earth magnets are exceptionally strong and durable. In addition, unlike most magnets, they magnetize in one direction but resist magnetization in any other direction, a quality important for blind operation.

What if the operator decouples? Can it be fixed?

Slowly raise the blinds all the way up with the operator until you hear two clicks, which completes the recoupling procedure.

What if the operator decouples and the blinds will not tilt?

Slowly tilt blinds (using the topmost operator) all the way open and closed several times. A click will indicate if magnets have re-engaged.

What if the operator is defective?

 a. Obtain a new operator by calling customer service at 1.800.507.8302.

b. Lower the blinds all the way down.

c. Pull the operator away from the glass and remove it. This may require a strong tug, as the magnetic bond is quite strong.

d. Clean the glass before attaching new operator.

e. Insert the new operator tabs under the blind track, in the same location you removed the old operator.

f. Raise the operator to the top of the unit. You will hear two clicks when the procedure is complete and the magnets are engaged.

g. Refer to this video.


What key tests have been successfully completed on the blinds between glass product?

a. All blinds between glass products are tested to assure that they protect against water and air infiltration in accordance with the protocols below to maintain the integrity of the entry door construction and its thermal performance benefits.

— ASTM E-547 to CSA A440-00 Level B water tightness test procedure
— ASTM E-283 to CSA A440-00 Level for "fixed" windows air tightness test procedure

b. Blinds between glass units include premium components that enable certification by the Insulating Glass Certification Council (IGCC) as meeting the requirements of ASTM E 2190

— ASTM E 2190 is a harmonized standard test protocol adopted by the U.S. and Canada for evaluating insulating glass (IG) performance, durability, and longevity.

c. The High Humidity Test subjects samples to high humidity and temperature with the objective of forcing moisture into the sealed air space in an IG unit. Specimens are tested for 42 days and subjected to 95% ±5% relative humidity.

d. Accelerated Weather Cycling simulates weather cycling from hot to cold extremes with moisture added during the hot cycle. Specimens are tested for 63 days and subjected to 252 cycles.

e. The Volatile Fog Test shows that components, or trapped impurities, will not out-gas a volatile fog, which could result in a deposit on the interior glass surface. No fog must be visible at arm's length from the IG unit.

f. Blind Operation Cycle Testing ensures that blind design and components are able to withstand a minimum of 10,000 cycles. One cycle includes raising and lowering the blind fully.

What is the warranty?

Western Reflections blinds between glass products carry a 10 year full warranty.

What is the lead time?

a. Min/One = 7 business days

b. Tier 1 = 30 business days

c. Tier 2 = 30 business days

d. Tier 3 = 30 business for 1st order and 10 business days for subsequent orders