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Air & Water Resistance

Western Reflections doorglass systems protect against moisture and air infiltration in two areas:

Part 1
Infiltration into the insulated glass air space through the glass seal.

Part 2
Infiltration from the outside that attempts to penetrate the frame seals against the door and the glass.

Part 1
Infiltration that attempts to penetrate the insulated glass air space through the glass seal

Western Reflections door glass cross section diagram Western Reflections door glass includes premium components that enable certification by the Insulating Glass Certification Council (IGCC) as meeting the requirements of ASTM E 2190. ASTM E 2190 is a harmonized standard test protocol adopted by the U.S. and Canada for evaluating insulating glass (IG) performance, durability, and longevity. There are three main parts to the standard:

The High Humidity Test subjects samples to high humidity and temperature with the objective of forcing moisture into the sealed air space in an IG unit. Specimens are tested for 42 days and subjected to 95% ±5% relative humidity.

Western Reflections high humidity test

Accelerated Weather Cycling simulates weather cycling from hot to cold extremes with moisture added during the hot cycle. Specimens are tested for 63 days and subjected to 252 cycles.

Western Reflections accelerated weather cycling test

The Volatile Fog Test shows that components, or trapped impurities, will not out-gas a volatile fog, which could result in a deposit on the interior glass surface. No fog must be visible at arm's length.

Western Reflections volatile fog test

Part 2
Infiltration that attempts to penetrate the frame seals

All Western Reflections door glass products are tested to assure they protect against water and air infiltration in accordance with industry standards.

  • Water tightness is tested with the ASTM E-547 procedure to the CAN/CSA A440 Level B water tightness performance level
  • Air tightness is tested with the ASTM E-283 procedure to the CAN/CSA A440 for "Fixed Windows" performance level

About the performance levels
The Canadian Standards Association's CAN/CSA-A440 specification tests performance for:

The results

Western Reflection's non-impact rated products

Type of frame Air-water-windload resistance positive, negative Comments
680, standard plastic frame A3, B6, C5, C4 Very good
TriSYS®, three-piece frame A3, B7, C5, C5 Excellent
799 vent, 22x36 operable vent A3, B7, C5, C5 Excellent
Harmony™ Blinds frame A3, B7, C5, C5 Excellent
Evolve® frame A3, B6, C4, C4 Very good
Craftsman frame A3, B7, C5, C5 Excellent
Simulated Divided Lite frame A3, B7, C5, C5 Excellent
External wrought iron A3, B7, C5, C5 Excellent

These results can be explained as follows:

Air leakage performance levels, CAN/CSA-A440

Window rating Max air leakage rate (cubic meters/hr/linear meter)
Storm window 8.35 (5.00 minimum)—very leaky
A1 2.79—somewhat leaky
(the minimum level in Canada)
A2 1.65—better than A1
A3 0.55—better than A2
(best possible rating for an operable window or swinging door)
Fixed window 0.25—not leaky at all

Water tightness resistance performance levels, CAN/CSA A440

Products are tested for water tightness by selecting a performance level (a pressure), then exposing the units to cyclic (on/off) pressure with water spray.
Ratings such as B1 and B2 are for those products that fail at 150 and 200 Pascals (a unit of pressure), respectively.
The highest possible rating is B7, which is 700 Pascals, which is equivalent to a window resisting water leakage at wind speeds greater than 75 mph (120 km/hr).
The TriSYS® frame, Harmony™ Blinds frame, Craftsman frame, Simulated Divided Lite frame, external wrought iron, and 799 vent all achieved this highest rating of B7 by exceeding 700 Pascals.
Canada requires at least a B1 rating to comply with local building codes. Some local codes in Canada require higher levels of performance, such as B2, B3, B4, and B5. Western Reflections' ratings of B5 to B7 demonstrate our products fully comply.

Windload resistance performance levels, CAN/CSA A440

Products are tested for their ability to resist wind pressures without deforming to a point to cause operational malfunction. Wind pressure is tested by applying an air pressure differential across the unit.
C1 ratings are assigned to units that pass an air pressure equivalent to a gale (62-74 km/hr or 39-46 mph).
The highest possible rating is C5, which is assigned to units that resist extremely high wind pressures and can be used in some high-rise buildings or for low-rise buildings in very windy climates.
The 680 frame and Evolve® frame achieved a C4 rating, while the other frames and 799 vent each achieved the highest possible rating, a C5.

Western Reflections water testing door glass
Water testing door glass

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